Japanese guy gets business break by selling street version of authentic Japanese foods in Cebu

29 years old Go Morita, the man behind the Facebook page "Go Go Tokyo" is traversing an entrepreneurial break in Cebu, the "Queen City of the South".

Go Morita in IT Park Cebu

He sells street versions of the authentic Japanese foods - Tonkatsu (deep-fried meat cutlets) sandwich and Onigiri (rice ball). The locals are loving it!

In a usually expensive Japanese restaurant, the products being sold by Morita go for around P100. He sells from P25 to P40.

Morita sells his stuffs just right outside Cebu IT Park. He sells for about an hour - from 11:00 in the morning.

In a TV report by Lou Ann Mae Rondina of "GMA Cebu Balita Pilipinas Ngayon", Morita said, he observed that Filipinos do like Japanese foods, fried foods, rice and the likes. So he decided to give the business a try.

In Go Go Tokyo Facebook page, Go Morita posts his menu of the day, and even courteously greets and thanks his customers.

Who is Go Morita anyway?

Go Morita is a Japanese national from Osaka, Japan. He holds a masters degree in business administration at the Hosei University Graduate School. He traveled to Asian countries like China, Malaysia and Cambodia in search for the best place to set up a shop. He ended up in Cebu.

Morita plans to rent his own space in a mall in Cebu, once he saves enough money.

This is Mr. Morita standing by his two orange boxes with the white sign board where his menu and related prices are written.

Go Morita

If you happen to find yourself in Cebu IT Park, you know where to go, should you feel craving for some original Japanese foods.

Sources: Cebu Daily News, Pornografeed, GMA Network News

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