Harrison Ford Injured in Plane Crash, 'battered, but ok'

72-year-old actor Harrison Ford had a plane crash on Thursday (US time), NBC News reported.

Harrison Ford plane crash

Ford was while flying a vintage WW2 plane which had engine trouble at the very take off time. The celebrity had no choice but to crash land. He did it safely on a golf course in Mar Vista, California.

The actor was "battered, but OK", his son Ben Ford posted on Twitter.

According to Ford's publicist, Ina Treciokas, Harrison is now in a hospital receiving medical care. His injuries are not life threatening, Treciokas assured.

Ford was flying a single-engine Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR.

In investigation will follow through, although it would take as long as a year since the plane was a vintage model. It did not even have a "black box" data recorder.

Source: NBC News

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