Indian parents climb school walls to help kids cheat on exam

India's state of Bihar came into the news spotlight on Thursday because of a rather disturbing practice - helping the kids cheat on an exam.

Cheating in India - parents climb school walls

Photos and videos swarmed the Internet showing parents, and even friends climbing the school walls just to help the kids get through the school's "tough standardized tests in their 10th and 12th grades", the Washington Post reported.

Here's the scoop making it into Hindustan Times:

Cheating in Bihar State India

While Bihar's existing "anti-cheating law" had 12th-grade students expelled and their parents detained in the past, the recent scene shocked many Indians.

Netizens say, what happened was just some sort of a "parental guidance, Bihar style".

Watch the video:

What are your takes on this?

Sources: Quartz India, Washington Post

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