INFOGRAPHIC: Comparative Scale of bytes. Petabyte? Exabyte?

You must have heard kilobyte, Megabyte, and Gigabyte or perhaps, Terabyte somewhere but what's beyond them?

Here is a comparative scale of bytes wonderfully presented in infographic form for your easy understanding and reference.

scale of bytes infographic

A byte, commonly consists of 8 bits, is a unit of digital information in the realm of computing and telecommunications. It may also be taken as the number of bits used to encode a character of text in a computer.

The unit symbol for byte is an upper-case letter B.

Prefixes if multiples of bits:
1000 - k, kilo
1000^2 - M, mega
1000^3 - G, giga
1000^4 - T, tera
1000^5 - P, peta
1000^6 - E, exa
1000^7 - Z, zetta
1000^8 - Y, yotta

Source: CNRS

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