Jeepney offers free spa service for passengers

Spa services in the Philippines are quite widespread already, but Jeepney Spa? You got to check this out if you happen to commute somewhere in between Pateros and Guadalupe in Metro Manila.

Free Jeepney Spa

Two days ago, Project Awesome posted a video on Youtube featuring "The Jeepney Spa". It showed Kuya Jun's passenger jeepney waiting for passengers.

Eye catching is the jeepney's unique and creative concept - it has a spa session happening on its roof. The setup is quite risky but curiosity is always a strong motivator to try things, hence passengers seem to take on the free spa service.

Kuya Jun's jeepney is plying the Pateros-Guadalupe route. It is the "only jeep in the Philippines which has a free SPA service for passengers", said Project Awesome in its video description.

Will you try the jeepney spa should you find yourself plying the said route?

Watch the video:

What is your take on this, MMDA and LTFRB?

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