WATCH: Laban o Bawi winner can mimic a bunch of voices

Kelvin can mimic more or less 20 voices, at least in this video we spotted on GMA Network's Youtube account.

Kelvin laban o bawi voice man

Kelvin was an Eat Bulaga "Laban O Bawi" winner on March 5, 2015. He amazed the show's hosts with his ability to imitate voices of locally known TV personalities, including anime and TV characters.

Watch the video where Kelvin do the voices of Ted Failon, Gus Abelgas, Mark Logan, Babalu, Doraemon and casts, Sponge Bob, Dragonballs characters / Goku, Mr. Bean, and Leo Martinez.

Can Kelvin be called as the other version of "The Voice"? He sure can go a long way with his special talent.

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