Motorists surprised by McDonald's with drive-thru tollbooths

On March 24, McDonald's surprised motorists with free breakfast at the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx), South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) and Nichols Toll Plaza.

Imlovinit24 Philippines

The toll booths were transformed into McTollboots, with the matching celebrity crews to boot, greeting the toll users while handing their free McMuffins.

McDonald's surprise came under the campaign tag "Imlovinit24". It is a worldwide promo that promotes the initiative of having a 24-hour McDonald’s service.

The Philippine's contribution to it is the McTollbooth at Lane 7 of the Bocaue exit tollway.

Spotted in the toll booths are McDonald's president and chief executive officer for the Philippines Kenneth Yang.

Celebrities like Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, and Lovi Poe also joined the project. They were seen in the toll booths serving the motorists.

Watch the video:

The same surprise was also done in several key areas in the world; namely Sydney in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Tokyo in Japan, Guangzhou in China, Milan and Catania in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Paris in France, Warsaw in Poland, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Madrid in Spain, Toronto in Canada, Hong Kong, Vienna in Austria, Lisbon in Portugal, Bucharest in Romania, Stockholm in Sweden, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, London in the United Kingdom; Mar del Plata in Argentina, Seoul in South Korea and Los Angeles in the United States.

Were you among the lucky motorists yesterday? What are your thoughts?

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