Sephardic Spanish Citizenship 'Fever' Update

Remember the Internet buzz regarding the supposed "New Spanish law to offer citizenship for people with certain last names"?

Spanish Citizenship

Sometime in March last year, the Sephardic Spanish Citizenship 'Fever' broke out after the Spanish government released its related announcement; It revealed the existence of a bill that was still in the proposal stage.

The bill was seeking for a legal provision for people with certain last names to apply for Spanish citizenship.

The media picked up the news item then made immediate reports claiming that the Spanish government just got a new law wherein, "the descendants of Jews expelled in the 15th and 16th centuries" can apply for the well-sought citizenship.

For instance, some Israel news outlets announced that the bill had already become a law. It attracted thousands of calls to the Israeli embassy in Madrid. The Spanish embassies in Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires and Caracas were also bombarded with similar inquiries.

"It’s a frenzy", said Hamutal Fuchs, the spokesperson for Israel’s embassy in Spain.

"The phone won’t stop ringing.", Fuchs added.

Meanwhile, in an update published right from San Diego Red - the primary source where we based the article we first wrote about the well-hyped Spanish citizenship issue, it says that:
[The] ..huge list of supposedly Sephardic surnames, is NOT official.
The Spanish government even denied the existence of the said supposed "official list".

The list was only an academic version of the "Spanish last names that historically have links to the Sephardic Jewish community.", San Diego Red wrote.

If ever the above-mentioned bill becomes a law, the names to qualify for the special citizenship are yet to be determined by the Jewish authorities. Also, the requirements are still subject to future changes.

Sources: The Jewish Daily Forward, San Diego Red

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