Heartless? Sleepy man in train, video recorded and ridiculed

This sleepy man, perhaps in his 30s must be so tired due to heavy workloads, but look how he was treated inside the train. Instead of offering him a seat, he was made as a laughingstock.

Sleepy man in train

He can be seen almost falling on the train floor, where at times, he almost hit his head on the steel bars.

Apparently, some girls in the train got the time to record the poor guy on video while they laugh hysterically.

Watch the video:

In a Facebook post on "Tropical FM 107,9 - SP" dated February 19, a lot of netizens felt sorry for the sleepy guy.

Some said, the act of filming was stupid. Nobody knows what grueling tasks he had been on that day, let alone the difficulties he had to undergo to get through.

Facebook user Nadea Agus commented:
"Truth is, we don't know what a day it has been for him.. I would've given up my seat for him. Maybe it was the only time he could nap? Sure it's funny to see but recording it just to laugh at him is not a good thing to do."

Jean Berones said:
"Why not offer a seat instead of making fun of him!? He looks tired from work for an overnight duty. But whatever the reasons are, please have a heart to offer a seat instead of laughing on him...por pabor "

If you were on the same train car with the sleepy man, what will you do?

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