Updates on 'Rude Manager of Jollibee PRC' who allegedly disrespected a senior citizen

Yesterday, we made a post regarding an alleged misconduct of a certain Manager of Jollibee PRC Branch - Mr. Renz Lequiron ("RENZ").

Renz and Delia
Photo: Arpee Lazaro (AL)
According to a Facebook post (already deleted) made by "Brian Nairb", RENZ acted rude to an elderly customer.

READ: "Rude" Manager of Jollibee allegedly disrespected a senior citizen

In a bid to clarify things, Facebook user Arpee Lazaro went out of his way to scoop a few details pertaining to the issue. A source allowed him access to a CCTV footage captured when the encounter happened.

Lazaro learned that the senior citizen (Delia Mabeza, Makati City) who was allegedly mistreated by RENZ is actually a regular customer of the said Jollibee branch.

The two:
..knew each other personally because Delia is a very regular Jollibee customer and orders the same thing every time.. So they were on the level that Renz and the cashier were familiar and would make jokes with her.
Delia was surprised upon learning about the social media buzz.

To help RENZ clear his name, Delia even signed a statement to belie the accusations of "Brian Nairb".

Delia statement
Part of Delia Mabeza's statement (by AL)
To cap the "Jollibee PRC manager RENZ mistreated a senior citizen" issue, perhaps it suffices to say there was no harm done.

Source: http://arpeelazaro.com/2015/03/the-real-renz-lequiron-of-jollibee-prc/

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