VIDEO: Alleged angels flying in Brazil skies caught on camera

According to narrations, the video which showed supposedly "two angels flying" in the skies of Boa Vista, Brazil made rounds on the Internet.

Angels flying in brazil caught on camera

A certain Youtube user Carlos Pereira said, the video showing the two angelic figures flying was recorded by a TV cameraman, GabeHashTV quoted in a video analysis.

But at the very first glance, the video was just a product of a creative computer-generated imagery or CGI, said GabeHashTV.

A lot of people went confused what was the real score in the said "angels video".

GabeHashTV did a bit of researching and found out that the original version of the video, of high quality animation was edited. The depth was somewhat reduced plus a few application of blurs, so as not to detect the animation works.

Video of the alleged angels flying in Brazil:

How about you? Did you encounter the same phenomenon in real life?

What are your thoughts on this so-called angels spotted flying in the skies of Boa Vista?

If you have factual information to share or maybe personal experiences to add to this story, kindly put them in the comment box below.

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