Customer finds baby insects in Minute Burger's burger

Are you a regular consumer of Minute Burger's burger?

Well, this could be an isolated case but a customer from Davao City, Philippines just found baby insects inside a burger he bought from the said food stand.

Yesterday, Facebook user  Aldreii Castro posted a set of photos, captioned:
MINUTE BURGER PA MORE! BUY 1 TAKE MANY MANANAP.. BASING ANG UBAN NAKAON NAKO..GRRRRRRRRRR!!! (More Minute Burger! Buy 1 Take many animals / insects.. might have eaten the others)
According to Mr. Castro, he bought the burger from a branch located in Jacinto Extension, Davao City.

One of the commenters on Castro's post said, she once witnessed how supplies are being handled poorly in a Minute Burger branch somewhere along Ilustre Street. The products are carelessly placed on the floor, said Christine.

Minute Burger is one of the many burger franchises in the Philippines. You can see them in almost all corners of the streets in the Philippines, specially in the urban centers.

A close look at the photo shared by Castro would reveal that the insects look like baby cockroaches.

Insects in Minute Burger

The incident totally negates from what Minute Burger company is saying in its official website:
Minute Burger as a brand is more than just the logo. For the last 30 years, we’ve stood by our belief of always providing our customers with affordable and quality products, which are served in clean and well-made stores.
Minute Burger our brand

And this:
At Minute Burger, we take quality very seriously.
Minute Burger our products

It was not clear whether Castro confronted the crews of the said Minute Burger store regarding the insects found in his burger or not.

At the moment, there is no official word or statement that can be quoted herein to represent the side of Minute Burger.

Anyhow, food security issues like this should be brought to the attention of the country's Food and Drug Administration (BFAD).

Did you experience the same yucky encounter with Minute Burger?

What are your thoughts on this?

Sources: Aldreii Castro Facebook post (inc. photo credits), Minute Burger

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