Customer finds cockroach in milk tea she bought from Chatime

A customer posted on Facebook about her disappointment with Chatime after complaining over a cockroach she found in her milk tea.

cockroach in Chatime milk tea

Cheryl bought milk tea from "Chatime" Gateway Mall around 6:00PM on Thursday. She was disgusted after finding a cockroach in her supposed refreshment.

According to Cheryl, she was able to talk to Chatime's manager in the said outlet but only received a sorry remark and that is all. Chatime did not even bother to replace her drink.

Let's hope that Chatime would respond to Cheryl's complaint appropriately.

Poisoning alarms milk tea consumers

A lot of people are now alarmed over buying milk tea after the recent alleged poisoning in Sampaloc, Manila on Thursday. Coincidentally, the same day when Cheryl found the insect inside her drink.

Records say, the incident is not new. It looks like, milk tea poisoning has risen alongside its popularity in the past years.

Sometime in 2013, a man died after consuming milk tea in Iloilo City. On the same unfortunate event, thirty four others were taken to hospitals for immediate treatment.

According to Philippine's Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the milk tea was somewhat infected by several bacteria such as E.coli, coliform, salmonella, and molds.

Source: Facebook, Philstar

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