Pasig traffic enforcers' dangerous manning in Ortigas extension area

Motorists traversing the stretch of Ortigas Extension in Pasig should take extra caution. A potential head-on collision could be waiting for you!

Dangerous Pasig counterflow

Apparently, the men in-charged with the traffic flow in the area are allowing "counterflow without warning the opposite lane", Facebook user from Quezon City Jojo Rodelas posted earlier today.

Coming from Libis area, Jojo was on his way to Cainta. He witnessed a close call encounter between two cars in front him. The cars almost had a head on collision because of an irresponsible counterflow permission. Nobody was actually supervising the crucial traffic flow change - "..there isn't a single enforcer controlling the flow", Jojo said.

pasig counterflow photo by jojo rodelas

Generally, a traffic counterflow or "contraflow" is often used for bicycles or in special cases, bus rapid transits. It maybe allowed on one-way streets.

Contraflow lanes are also warranted for use when a road has physical constraints, basically to increase capacity and ease vehicle flow.

Moreover, a contraflow lane is a common part of any cycling infrastructures.

Sources: City of Sydney NSW, PanyNj.Gov

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