Pinoys' '300' movie dubsmash video goes viral

Seven Filipino guys took the ride on the popular video messaging application for iOS and Android - Dubsmash, and the result was just stunning. Their video is getting viral online as we write this post.

Filipino Dubsmash 300 movie

Taking on the 2006 American fantasy war film "300", with the remarkable line "Spartans!! What is your profession?" from King Leonidas, these Pinoys' video is hitting the viral lands.

The setup is in a typical Filipino kitchen. One guy, portraying Gerard Butler shouts "Spartans!! What is your profession?", then his soldiers' reply "Awoo, Awoo, Awoo!"

Watch the video on Youtube here:

The dub video has been shared 8,075 already with about 10k likes to boot.

With the loads of Dubsmash videos going around social media networks lately, we say, this is the best Dubsmash video we've laid eyes upon.

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