Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness mom dies with unborn baby after refusing blood transfusion

Doctors and staff in a Sydney hospital were baffled by the recent death of a pregnant Jehovah’s Witness mother, along with her baby after refusing a blood transfusion.

Jehova's witness mother refuses blood transfusion

Apparently, the 28-year old mother was diagnosed as suffering from leukaemia. Because her religion forbids the above mentioned procedure, she and her unborn baby were left to die.

According to hematologist at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber, the mother understood well the risks of not taking blood transfusion.

"Her refusal to receive a blood transfusion meant that we were unable to perform a caesarean section and to deliver the fetus", Dr Kidson-Gerber said.

At the moment, there is a developing discussion among doctors and ethicists in Australia regarding possible introduction of laws that will make it a crime to "...harm or kill a fetus in utero.", Richard Dawkins Foundations wrote in an online article.

Source: Richard Dawkins FoundationDaily Mail UK

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