Robinsons Las Pinas resells reserved cinema seats?

Definitely, we would love to know the side of Robinsons Las Pinas regarding this recent issue. Do they really resell reserved cinema seats?

robinsons las pinas cinema tickets

How does it blend with the "FIRST COME FIRST SERVED" rule?

Apparently, a "reselling" just happened in Robinsons Las Pinas movie world, as posted on Facebook by a certain netizen.

Miss K said, her family bought their tickets on Wednesday. Upon entering the cinema, they were surprised to find their seats occupied by other people.

The manager at the time did not seem to know how to deal with the situation. When called, Ms. Clara De Leon just cried, "As if her tears can fix the problem", K added.

Surprisingly, K's family was offered with the following solutions:

1. Move to another day and time (not reserved) Or
2. Sit in the middle aisle

The story below says the rest of the details.
Feel free to share this. This is just so wrong in so many levels.
‪#‎RobinsonsLasPinas‬ just totally f**ked up movie night for my family and I as well as other people. We had RESERVED seats and when we got here, there were people on our seats. Apparently, they sold our seats to another and its suddenly FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. WTF?!?!?
Manager when called just cried. CRIED! As if her tears can fix the problem. Solutions provided were: we'll move you to another day and time but its still not reserved. Or we can seat in the middle aisle.
This is so wrong in so many levels. We bought the ticket last Wednesday. I AM SO PISSED!!! This is my Mom's first movie to watch in 6 years. The amount of inconvenience and stress this has given my family and I is freaking off the charts.
robinsons las pinas cinema seats

Did you experience the same? What are your takes?

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