The 'Regular', 'Bad Guy' responds to SM Southmall alleged verbal abuse

Yesterday, we posted about an incident wherein a husband opted to use social media to expose a supposedly 'bully' and 'regular' guy at SM Southmall.

Sm southmall regular bad guy

Mr. Sonny Salle's Facebook post went viral. He drew netizens' ire over the "bad" guy's "verbal abuses".

As the issue escalated quickly like wildfire, it looked like the guy accused of bad-mouthing a couple while paying at the mall's cashier somehow picked up the online rant of Mr. Salle.

The "bad guy at SM Southmall" commented on the status post of Mr. Salle to air his side of the story. Unfortunately at the moment, Salle's post is now inaccessible. It must have been taken down.

In the said post, Mr. 'bad guy' had this lengthy elucidation:
Alright .. Let me start by saying: Let’s stick to facts and not to lies and exaggerations. Sonny, my “new found friend from Southmall” as he says, actually came across initially as a decent and educated guy. 
If he remembers, while I was standing in line at the checkout lane, he did say, “Excuse me” and “Sorry” as he passed me by, although I didn’t even think these were necessary. [I just like to give credit where it’s due.] During this time I didn’t know he was the husband of that woman. Anyway, let’s get to the issue, the correct and TRUE version: As I was waiting in line, there was a woman paying for her groceries. I felt that she was taking up everybody else’s time. At that point, I decided to put an item on the counter thinking she was already finished, because it was just ridiculous to be taking that long. (I know, he said I should “raise the ‘slowness’ up with SM as it was “their fault.”) She did say, “Hindi pa ako tapos.” So this was still fine with me. During this time, there was a mention of “pushing her forward” – UNTRUE, “my friend”; all I did was put an item on the counter. Is this what she told you? She then tries to be a smart aleck and tells me that “there is a counter for fewer items, ie, the blue line” as if I did not know. (I have a reason why I’m on that lane and that is to keep the cart upon exiting the lane.) This behavior was arrogant and condescending, so I did say, “Mind your own business.” After saying this, she started to argue with me, at which point I did say “Shut up!” as I found her attitude slighting. She then goes to ‘husband’ to tell her version of the story. At this point, I was FINALLY left paying for my groceries, thank God. 
‘Husband’ says he made the comment about the “maliit ang titi.” Dude, honestly I did not hear it, but if you insist, that’s count 4 on Unjust Vexation, which I will explain later, since I think you don’t know. (I usually try not to resort to name calling as this is childish and unproductive.) Going back to what happened, he approached me, like he admitted and took my picture. (This is count 1 on the Unjust Vexation offense he committed.) I did ask, “Why did you take my photo?” (And, oh, by the way, I was not shouting when I asked this; you were just in front of me, no need.) Then the “Answer me P**A!” comment – LIE. I usually speak and use words in English in all my interactions, so I don’t know where you got that, as P**A is not English. You got issues, dude. You’re saying stuff that never happened. You then claim that I was approaching you and was about to be physically violent towards you. (lol). You also claimed that “another guard held me and pushed me politely back to the counter” – NOT TRUE. You claimed to have told me, “kababaeng tao pinapatulan mo asawa ko, gago ka pala eh! Hinaharass mo asawa ko na wala namam ginagawa sayo!” I did not hear it, but if you want, that can be for the next Unjust Vexation count. You are lying, “my friend.” You got issues in telling what really happened. Everything is on CCTV. Being violent is not in my nature, my friend. This was when I asked him why he took the picture. He said, “Because you’re an asshole.” and it was not “You’re a big bully, asshole.” Stick to what really happened, dude. At this point, he rolls up his sleeve, as if to get ready for a “physical brawl” as he says. Who has the violent tendencies here? I find it below a “decent” and “educated” guy’s level to be challenging me to a fight, ie, “Let’s settle this mano-mano if you want.” So much for that “decent” and “educated” demeanor you showed when you passed me by. (This, by the way, falls under the new CyberCrime law, to challenge someone to a fight on the Internet, as my lawyer indicated. This is how animals settle disputes, through violence. By the way, the rolling-up-the-sleeve gesture falls under Unjust Vexation count 2. This was caught on tape by the CCTV and was witnessed by the supervisor, guards, and employees of SM. He backs out a little bit as he claimed and gives me the bird or the “dirty finger” up yours! gesture. This was count 3 on the Unjust Vexation offense and also this was caught on tape, “my friend.” When you were far away, as you claimed, and in a “low voice” said “F**k You” and “gave the finger” to “win the fight” – UNTRUE. You uttered, “F**k You” 3 times in a loud voice, as again witnessed by the supervisor, guards, and employees of SM. Believe me dude, I learned it the hard way. I used to say “F**k You” all the time, but I was eventually told that this falls under the Oral Defamation offense. I even thought it was “freedom of speech.” Wasn’t.
This is where I want to explain why I said, “Oral Defamation, Oral Defamation!” I believe you thought that I said this because I was referring to the impending slander that was about to occur. No my “friend.” Ignorance of the law excuses no one. I was saying that to let you know that what you just said in a loud voice, 3 times, falls under that offense. 
Let me go back to how all this started, the wife’s attitude. There is an effort to paint the wife as the gentle, nice, “sole tahanan” of my family wife, not so. You’re wife was condescending and arrogant in her demeanor. You’re wife said, “Eh ano ngayon.” as you even wrote in your post when told by the guard that I was a “regular” there. Don’t you sense the arrogance here, “my friend”? And by the way, I did not start the “cursing” or “verbal abuse,” as you claimed. It was you, “buddy,” when you uttered “F**k You” 3 times. As I told you, I already learned my lesson in the past that’s why I was careful not to say that word. When you said, “We did nothing of any kind to abuse you. NOT QUITE TRUE as I was offended by your wife’s condescending and arrogant demeanor at the check out counter. Stick to the facts, dude and know your law.
Whatever the real story is, this encounter looks like, it will go a long way if both parties happen to meet again.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to determine who is the real bully. The 'regular' guy who got impatient or the couple taking too long in the cash register and itching for an argument.
I do know that the husband seems to have resorted to posting it in the hope of lynching the guy in the internet. This is cyberbullying. People should hear both sides and sort out the facts before they comment and take a side.
Besides, I think this may soon lead to legal proceedings so unless you have money to pay for your defamation defense, it's probably not wise to make a detrimental comment towards against either side.