Timothy Eli Thompson: Facebook revokes ban on photo of baby born without nose

Timothy Eli Thompson was born without a nose. He has no olfactory system. More so, a nose to breathe and smell.

But that is all for him when Facebook decided to ban his photo to be displayed online for being "too controversial".

Timothy Eli Thompson

Apparently, the baby's photo was used by a pro-life group to promote its cause. It had the social media regard the thing as such.

Timothy's mother, Brandi McGlathery was disappointed. While the family is proud of their new member, Facebook seemed to have done quite a skewed categorization of what is appropriate for public viewing and what is not.

"It sickens me that I can see pictures of half naked women, drugs, & negativity, but my child is too 'controversial,'" wrote Brandi.

"What has happened to humanity?" she added.

Timothy's case is controversial in a special way. His parents thought that the public should know the story so they kept the faith in spreading the news about their angel.

In a fantastic turn of event, people flocked to backlash Facebook for doing such an act. It was flooded with complaints. Eventually, it had to revoke the ban on Timothy's photo.

The case of Timothy is treatable. In fact, he can undergo minor surgeries as soon as he reaches the age of 1.

At the moment, MGlathery is trying to raise a fund for his son's future medical care. She created a GoFundMe account which can be accessed through this link: http://www.gofundme.com/o4eeqo

Netizens expressed utmost sympathy to Eli and family.

Source: RYOTMirror.co.uk

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