Alleged 'Aswang' attacks residents in Central Mindanao

A couple residing in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao said they were attacked by an 'Aswang' in the form of a scary huge dog, Datu Habib Sandalan, another resident told Brigada News FM Cotabato.

The dog was able to bite the husband in the jaw, as photographed below:
aswang in cotabato
Photo: DHS via Brigada News Fm Cotabato City
The alleged beast suddenly disappeared when the husband tried to fight back.

The attack happened last Friday at dawn, Sandalan related.

Meanwhile on Monday, similar incident happened to four residents in Barangay Tapodok, Aleosan North Cotabato. This time, the 'Aswang' took the form of a black cat, as per information gathered by Aleosan PNP Chief SIns Ariel Milocotones from Barangay Tapodok Chairman Kadafhy Taya.

While the veracity of the so called aswang attacks is still a puzzle to many, Police officials advised residents to be extra vigilant.

'Aswang' is a mythical vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore. A lot of stories of varied nature and origin have been told from generation to generation, in urban and rural areas alike.

Source: Brigada News Fm Cotabato City Facebook Page

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