Baby on a dog leash rescued by DSWD

Just this week, photos of a baby on a dog leash made rounds on the Internet; It went viral so fast like wildfire.

child on dog leash in the philippines

Apparently, the 1 year-and-a-half old child was photographed on a dog leash out of his mother and cousin's fun. The photos were uploaded on Facebook with the caption:
bago ko nga palang aso…lakas ng tama ng anak ko sunod-sunuran naman…dami kong tawa [dito] grabe.
The kid was kind of introduced as a new pet dog and that the mother had quite a bunch of laugh.

In the original Facebook status of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, she seem to have found it entertaining to see her son eating in a plastic plate.

Netizens went furious over the insensitive and irresponsible social media post.

child on dog leash in the philippines

According to Marilyn Tigas, chief of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) office in Bataan, two officials "took the child from his mother in Orani, Bataan, and brought the boy to a residential center for children", ABS-CBN News reported.

The mother personally submitted herself to the DSWD office after getting loads of negative comments in her Facebook account.

It is now up to the social welfare department how long it will keep the child under its custody.

The parents of the child will be undergoing counseling and psycho-social examination. They may face child abuse raps.

Facebook user Ronald Valdellon said, the photos are  caricatures of a child abuse in the making.

Anna Pauline Paguia, Communications Coordinator of Children International said:
I felt horrified and appalled. No one in their right mind would think that this is the right way to treat a child.
Sources: Facebook, ABS-CBN News, Manila Bulletin

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