Veloso's alleged recruiter used geckos to smuggle drugs overseas, NBI revealed

The alleged recruiter of Mary Jane Veloso even resorted to using house lizards - locally being called as "tuko" or gecko, to transport drug items from place to place, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) told GMA News.

Ma Cristina Sergio tuko gecko drug mule

In the continuing investigation of the NBI, it learned that Sergio used to browse the Internet using her neighbor's computer to search for geckos to buy online.

The NBI also discovered that Sergio had visited several websites that demonstrates how to cut open a gecko.

The neighbors of Ma. Cristina Sergio in Cabanatuan noticed her robust recruitment activities sometime in 2011.

While the NBI knows that Sergio was able to close deals using the geckos as drug mules, the bureau still needs to gather more evidences.

Sergio admitted to the NBI that "..she has been a member of a notorious West African drug syndicate operating in Southeast Asia as early as 2010", GMA News wrote.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane Veloso's death sentence by firing squad in Indonesia was put on hold.

Indonesia granted Philippine's request to carry out its legal rights and jurisdiction over Ma. Cristina Sergio following her surrender to the authorities on April 28, 2015 in Nueva Ecija.

Watch the news report video:

Sources: GMA News, Philstar

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