Crabs from China 'injected with toxic substance' Formulin?

Netizens were warned by Facebook user Jeff Haymes regarding crabs imported from China, as some of them could be preserved using a toxic substance.

Haymes said, buyers should look for the injection marks such as shown in the photo below. It is where Chinese vendors inject the deadly preservative Formulin in order to keep the sea catch "Fresh".

Crabs from china with formulin

"TIP OF THE DAY: WATCH FOR CRABS! When buying crabs in the market look for injection marks such as these when buying crabs imported from China. Chinese inject the crabs with formulin to keep them fresh but it is a highly toxic substance. I heard this today at a Thai market.", Haymes posted on Facebook on May 19, 2015.

Whatever the truth is, it is better to stay vigilant.

On another note, website LiveStrong.Com has an article which listed two easy steps on how to determine whether a raw crab is fit to eat or not.

The first step is to smell the crab meat. Eat-able crab meats should have a "faintly sweet odor".
Anything that smells sour, strong, fishy or rancid could mean the crab has spoiled and it should not be consumed.
The next step is to check the meat's color. Good raw crab meat looks pure white or bright and clean.
A brown color to either the white flesh or the red rind tells you that the crab meat has spent too much time separated from the shell and exposed to air.
Sources: Facebook, All Singapore StuffLive Strong

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