Dad puts cigarette into daughter's mouth to show 'cool living'

A father posted on Facebook, photos of his daughter with a cigarette in her mouth, could be another subject for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to tune into.

Smoking baby

There maybe a lot of ways to show how cool you actually live, but to demonstrate such to a young child through an act of smoking maybe detestable.

Here are the photos posted on social media by a father whose identity we chose to hide for privacy reasons.

As captioned:

"I am not a bad father.. i just show to my daughter HOW COOL THE WAY I LIVE... we were just having fun of picture taking, and it makes her happy.. we rock the world out there.. and we have no care! We here happy when were [we're] together... ibahin nyo ksmi [kami] sa inyo!"

Smoking baby

Just recently, netizens got enraged by a mother who posted photos of her baby on a dog leash, treated like a pet.

What are your takes on this?

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