Ekko LoL: League of Legends New Champ revealed (Trailer Leaked)

Gamers' delight! League of Legends new champion has just been revealed at mid-season invitational! Meet Ekko - the boy who got something new for the battlefield and it is no other than his so-called "techno-magical device that allows him to move through time" (PCGamesN).

Ekko LoL

Ekko's trailer titled "Seconds" pretty much outlines his basic and innate power - to navigate back through time in order to fix his tactical mistakes in a duel.

While it is still unclear how Ekko's special skill would work in-game, it comes to mind how opponents could be able to kill him in the real sense.

Do you play League of Legends? Were you tipped about the coming this new LoL champion in the past?

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Ekko Trailer: "Seconds" (Newest League of Legends Champion)

Sources: PCGamesN, Youtube

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