Faulty math? Facebook argument over 48/12 or 12/48 goes viral

Would you call it "faulty math" or faulty understanding of a simple division and multiplication operation?

This mathematical confrontation of sort, between members of a yard sale Facebook group went viral. It even reached to a point where the group's admin threatened to kick Penny Hayes off, the woman who posted about her bottles of laundry detergent for sale.

Hayes posted a deal where she intends to sell the soaps for $0.35 each or in bulk for a total of 48 bottles for $12.

It appears simple right? But look what happened when another group member tried to step into the thread. Apparently, Rachel Penney thought that Ms. Hayes got her math wrong.

Look at how things began:

Hayes' point was that, she was not trying to rip people off but rather, giving a bit of a discount if her products are to be bought in bulk.

To make the conversation worse, the group's admin felt she had to step in. That's when things started to get tangled all the more.

Then, other characters started to butt in, and obviously, perhaps unknowingly, not in the mission to resolve things.

This verbal squabble started on May 27. Hayes took the pleasure of taking the screenshots of the discussion.

Things can get serious and hilarious at the same time when people ignore common discussion etiquette.

Sources: Inquisitr, Opposing Views, Facebook

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