GoPro founder pays old college roommate $229M as promised 10 years ago

The billionaire founder of GoPro Nick Woodman came back to his promise some 10 years ago - paid an old roommate with a whooping $229 Million as he promised 10 years ago.

nick woodman gopro

Woodman, the founder and current CEO of GoPro is the highest paid executive in America, Business Insider reported.

This week, being true to his promise to a dear buddy, Nick returned 4.7 million shares to GoPro so that Nick Dana could cash in a grand $229 million.

"Woodman, 39, vowed in the development phase of the 10-year-old company to give Dana 10 percent of any proceeds he received from the sale of the company’s shares, according to the company’s 2014 prospectus.", wrote Bloomberg.

GoPro is a high definition camcorder that is designed for extreme-action video coverages. The camera is capable of capturing still photos and videos through a wide-angle lens.

The device is wearable and mountable on vehicles.

It was made public in June 2014.

Sources: BroBible, Business Insider, Bloomberg

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