Helpless old woman scolded and hurt by "own son" while waiting for bus in a terminal

The sight of this helpless old woman being scolded and hurt by a guy assumed to be her own son is utterly disturbing and heartbreaking.

Thanks to a brave passenger nearby who took the initiative of recording the incident on camera to make the authorities, and public as well, aware.

From what you may hear from the guy, he wants the old woman to sleep. The latter refuses to.

One commenter even theorized: The "bad guy" could be planning to leave the old woman as soon she falls asleep.

The scolding started quite at the very start of the video; The height of the shoving can be seen at the 3:54 mark.

By her scream alone, one could surmise that the poor old lady is really in pain.

The identification of the guy seen in the video is still unknown. Hopefully, through social media shares, the authorities and other concerned entities would be able to act accordingly.

Here's the 7 minutes and 15 seconds video uploaded by Domy Del Rosario on May 21:

Sori po sa nahagip nfmg camera nagmamalasakit lang pi diko kc matiis panoorin ba sibasaktan ang nanay na to. Pls share

Posted by Domy Del Rosario on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Elder Abuse in the Philippines
In an online article published on Yahoo PH on June 2, 2013, a figure was quoted as: "85% of elder abuse is inflicted by their own relatives."
This could be a spouse, child, or younger sibling that was left the responsibility for the care of the elder. Obvious signs of physical abuse are bruises, broken bones, burns. Examine for broken dentures or eyeglasses. Joint swellings are not necessarily just arthritis but could be sprains or dislocations. Bedsores, poor hygiene, unattended medical needs, and weight loss may be signs of neglect. Abused old people are usually withdrawn and will not want to talk about his or her suffering in an attempt to sometimes protect the provider.
What to do? Incidences like the one caught on video above maybe reported to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) (632)931-81-01 to 07 or go to the DSWD website to file the complaint online.

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