Walking faucet? He drinks liters of water then releases them back at will (VIDEO)

Can this man be called as the "walking faucet"? He releases water through his mouth at will, as easy as 123.

regurgitator man

What is more amazing is that, he drank about 3-liters of water then spew them out to refill the bottle he just emptied - he even  brushed his teeth and washed his face using the water he regurgitates.

A bit gross to some as he drinks back the water he just "recalled back", of sort, from his stomach. But, it is amazing how he manages to regurgitate.

Regurgitation is a term of Medieval Latin in origin. The word itself came from the root word "gurgitare",  which literally means "to overflow".

In the domain of science, regurgitation is the "return of partially digested food from the stomach to the mouth.", Dictionary.Com states.

Watch the video below, as shared on bintjbeil.org Facebook page on October 21, 2014. The video has gotten 12.7M views already, with 111,928 likes and 458,911 shares.

خزان مائي بشري ام ديناصور

Posted by bintjbeil.org on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Surprisingly, the comments on the video seem to appear more entertaining than the act of regurgitating itself.

Some even said, it is a mere survival skill or a technique that a person develops in times of dire need - like, " when the water is poisoned & polluted on purpose to kill off the people", Jaron Boyd said.

Referring to the water, "He's not vomiting it up, he's actually just storing it Inside for later use. ", Boyd added.

Awesta Khalid Ironborn Kohgadai said, the man is just using his stomach as a pail.

What are your takes on this? Were you amazed? Grossed out?

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