Man born with cerebral palsy and his stunning arts using typewriter

Art or maybe drawing for one can be frustrating at times specially if you do not have the required enthusiasm and determination, and perhaps inspiration.

paul smith typewriter artist

But for Paul Smith, you just have to battle against the odds and express yourself fully, whatever it takes.

Smith was known as the "Typewriter Artist". He was born in 1921 and has suffered from cerebral palsy his entire life. Even then, the disease did not hinder him from going on with life. With his innate passion, he created beautiful arts using just a type writer.

Since his movements and speech are quite limited by his condition, Smith can barely strike a key with his finger. But would you believe that the following artworks are just some of his stunning creations?

paul smith typewriter art 1

paul smith typewriter art 2

paul smith typewriter art 3

paul smith typewriter art 4

They do look like normal paintings, don't they?

Paul Smith never published any of his works but they have appeared in many books of art.

Smith's condition worsened as he aged. Hence, in 2004, he stopped making arts.

He died at the age of 86.

Video: "An extraordinary man with a severe disability creates incredible works of art using a typewriter"

A powerful inspiration indeed.

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