McDonald's 'New Policy' prevents customers from buying food for homeless people?

Did McDonald's just release this kind of ridiculous policy? That is, they ban customers from buying food for homeless people?

Mcdonalds deny service to homeless people

This has been making international headlines - "homeless people were denied service at McDonald's", wrote True Activist.

In fact, there's already been a number of stories circulating around. In the UK, at least two occasions were reported wherein, the fast food chain is really in the drive of denying service to "homeless customers".

The first case involved a landscaper named Daniel Jackson. He went to a McDonald's outlet on Oxford Road in Manchester to have his most wanted meal after a hard day's work. The cashier refused to serve him because he looked like "homeless"; He was wearing dirty clothes.

Jackson had to convince the store manager that he is not homeless. It just so happen that he had been working outside all day, and that he was so tired. He just dropped by for a quick meal.

"It took some serious persuasion to convince them I wasn't homeless. I admit I was wearing scruffy clothes because I’d been working outside all day. That’s no reason to assume I live on the streets. I’m angry that I had to justify myself in front of a massive queue of strangers. Yet what I find most disgusting is that policy like that even exists. It completely victimizes homeless people. Surely if you have the money in your hand and you want to purchase a meal, you should be treated like any other customer", Jackson said.

The second incident involved a 19-year-old girl named Charlotte Farrow. While in the same McDonald's branch, she decided to pay for the meal of a homeless guy who queued up to buy some food. According to Farrow, the supervisor said "we don’t serve homeless people".

"..He said the business manager told them they weren't allowed to serve homeless people. They said it was a new policy,” Farrow told news reporters.

But then, in the two cited circumstances, McDonald's insisted that denying services to homeless people is not an official policy of the store.

To clarify things all the more, a spokesperson for McDonald's said, the store's staff had already reviewed the CCTV footage showing the said "homeless" customer. It was found out that the guy "..had already been served before Farrow entered the premises" (Independent).

"Both the customer and the gentleman she was buying food for were served. It is not a McDonald’s policy to refuse to serve homeless people and all staff have been reminded of this", the spokesperson added.

Sources: True Activists, Independent

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