Russia shows off military strength during parade to mark Victory Day

It was by far the biggest military parade held by Russia to mark another anniversary of the end of the WWII; This year is the 70th.

Russia parade on Victory Day

The event at Moscow’s Red Square was participated by more than 16,000 soldiers, including sailors and airborne troops.

Notably, some heads of the Western states, like the European Union leaders, were absent from the said commemoration. Perhaps, due to a recent political transition wherein, Russia was annexed to Crimea.

Russia President Vladimir Putin issued a warning pertaining to the growing global tensions, which are seen to pollute the possible peaceful coexistence between nations.

"In recent decades, we’ve seen attempts to create a unipolar world. We see how a military bloc mentality is gaining momentum. All this is undermining the stability of global development.", Putin said.

Video report on Russia's Victory Day Parade 2015:

Source: Euro News

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