Somethin' Fishy, Eastwood: Customer finds cockroach in beef tapa

Well-cooked cockroach (ipis) in your beef tapa?

ipis in a tapa at somethin fishy eastwood

Our post for today may not pass as food or restaurant review but rather a food alert in the big sense of the word. We mean, in a standard dining place that is not intended to serve exotic dish or something similar, finding a cockroach can be really disgusting. A very sensitive person can easily throw up.

The experience of Facebook user Leo Mercado while enjoying a breakfast buffet at "Somethin' Fishy" Eastwood maybe an isolated case but still, finding a dead insect in your favorite tapa (dried or cured beef) dish is a big deal when it comes to health concerns.

On May 2, Mercado posted the photo below captioned as:
Pasintabi po sa mga kumakain! No harm intended here! I just want to inform you to be cautious sa pagkain niyo mapahigh end na resto or kahit jan lang sa tabitabi. While eating, we found a cockroach on its "puberty" stage sa tapa ng breakfast buffet sa something fishy sa eastwood. So yun ingat.
In general, Leo warned diners when eating out either in high end restaurants or roadside eateries.

Comments on the photo above seem to go in unison with Mercado's rare encounter with "Somethin' Fishy". The place seems to lack basic sanitary measures.

cockroach in beef tapa

Worse thing is that, the manager did not do anything other than pulling out the dish from the table. Let alone warning other diners, Mercado added on his post's comment section.

The gross photo has 250 likes and 361 shares on Facebook as of posting date.

Do you frequent "Somethin' Fishy" Eastwood? Did you have similar experiences in the past?

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