Motorist records travel speed while cruising SLEX, concludes speed gun is a 'scam'

Dennis Gonzales said, his wife decided to record their travel while cruising the stretch of South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) on May 19, because they have been apprehended three times already in a span of two weeks for overspeeding, whereas their speed was set at 100kph using cruise control.

overspeeding volvo on slex

Looking at the video, Gonzales was driving at 100kph from Caltex station to Calamba exit where they were pulled over.

Fortunately for the couple, their expectation did happen that day. They were apprehended by the SLEX enforcers assigned at the time; Their video was just in time.

The expressway men argued that Gonzales' car was spotted as running at 131kph.

Arguments ensued when Gonzales and his wife declared that they recorded their speedometer on video and that, they were only on a cruise speed of 100kph, contrary to the claim of the enforcers.

Despite the video evidence, the couple were still issued ticket for overspeeding.

WATCH: Speeding Volvo on SLEX apprehended for overspeeding while on 100kph

The SLEX speed gun is a SCAM...driving thru SLEX southbound my wife decided to record our travel because we've been apprehended 3x already in a span of 2 weeks for overspeeding, even though our speed is set at 100kph using cruise control. If point A is the Caltex station were we started recording and point C is Calamba exit, point B is ABI Greenfield area where their speed gun is positioned.Medyo mahaba ang video, but if you are a motorist this is worth watching. Even SLEX MATES management confirms to us that our complaint is unprecedented since we have a video to support our claim. For the 4th time we were flagged down in Calamba exit for overspeeding at 131kph.This video is unedited...kayo na po ang bahalang humusga... ibig sabihin yata nito pwede nilang hulihin kahit walang kasalanan. Kami nga may video na, may ticket pa rin...

Posted by Dennis Gonzales on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

As of the latest update, the case has already been filed by Mr. Gonzales at the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

At the height of the discussion within the comment section of Gonzales' post, some inquired whether the rims and tires of the car were already upgraded or not. If they were, speedometer reading could be erroneous, said Tyron Yuson, seconded by Erwin Molines Hatol.

The real question looming around now is this: Which is defective or not working properly, the Volvo's speedometer or the expressway's speedgun?

Let's see how this issue progresses. So, stay tuned!

Did you experience the same while using the South Luzon Expressway?

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