WATCH: School bus drags child in Louisville, Kentucky

A girl about the age of 5 or 6 in Louisville, Kentucky went through a dreadful experience while being dropped off at her baby sitter's home.

girl dragged by school bus in Kentucky

She was getting off her school bus when her backpack got stuck in the vehicle's door. She was dragged for at least the length of a football field, neighbors who witnessed the scene told police.

The incident was captured by Tom Carman's Surveillance camera.

"When I first saw it on my camera I thought ‘oh my gosh.’ How can a bus driver not pay attention to the children around him, right outside of his own door, and it is made of clear glass?", Carman said.

It was a good thing that a red Chevrolet Camaro saw what was happening. The car was seen speeding up to the side of the bus in order to get the attention of the bus driver.

"Her shoes was off, her pants got ripped off it was just horrible to see her like that on the ground.", the girl's caretaker Brian Burlison said.

The little girl was brought to Kosair Children's Hospital to attend to her injuries.

Watch the video:

Sources: WLKY

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