You never thought Vin Diesel got breakdancing skill, did you? Back in the 80s baby!

Aside from his many instantaneous song covers, Vin Diesel is also a break dancer back in the 80s.

Vin Diesel breakdancing with hair

1. Vin Diesel covers Sam Smith's 'Stay with me' (Video)
2. Vin Diesel dances to Beyoncé and Katy Perry songs (Video)

This is perhaps one of the mighty produces of the Internet when it comes throwbacks.

Vin Diesel, born as Mark Sinclair used to have thick black curly hair atop his now shiny bald head.

He was a thin dude.

Also, the 1:20 seconds video clip below could be your first time to see the Fast and Furious star doing some moves, specially the "Floppy Fish" said BuzzFeed.

Watch: Vin Diesel's breakdancing video

Can you do that Floppy Fish thing? Here's GIF treat for you, courtesy of BuzzFeed:

For a little trivia, Vin Diesel has a twin brother named Paul. Coincidentally, namesake of the late Paul Walker, one of Diesel's co-stars in the movie Fast & Furious who died in a car crash in December 2013.

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