Inventor of Piano honored by Google through doodle

So who invented the piano? Look who has been honored by Google today through a doodle!

who invented the piano

Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori was the man behind one of the most revered musical instruments in the planet - piano, which was also known as the "Fortepiano" back in the days.

Cristofori invented the machine in the 1700s. The fortepiano underwent significant evolutions since Beethoven's time.

Like the modern piano, fortepiano can also vary the sound of each note depending on the player. It has a bit softer tune and less in terms of sustain.

"Sustain" is the period of time a sound can be heard.

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco was born on May 4, 1655 in Padua in the Republic of Venice. He died on January 27, 1731.

Prior to invention of the piano, Cristofori worked on two keyboard instruments - spinettone and the oval spinet.

Today, Google marked Cristofori's 360th birthday by featuring a doodle on its homepage, as shown below:

Bartolomeo Cristofori google doodle

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