Young Filipino kids beat summer with one of a kind race using busted motorcycle wheels

You might just want to shun the use of modern day gadgetry and their embedded games and spend your summer with something close to nature; These young Filipino kids have just shown one of the ways on how to pull things off!

push the wheel with stick race philippines

Most Filipino kids who grew up in the provinces know this game or tried to play such in their childhood. Its nature is actually physically and socially enriching.

While the kids in the video may not be endowed with an easy access to computer and mobile phone games of the present day, they still look happy.

Watch the video below:

Mga future Racer!

Mga future Racer! Mga bata, Imbes na ubusin ang oras sa TV, iPads, mobile phones, computer or other gadgets. Gawin nyo nalang to! Sigrado ako mag i-enjoy pa kayo. Naalala ko tuloy kabataan ko. Ang Saya! Tamang tama ngayong summer.Sino sa inyo ang naka try nito?(c) Lalay Quilas

Posted by Ang Galing Mo Pinoy on Sunday, May 10, 2015

The video has been viewed 57,888, and shared 1,503, with 1,634 likes since May 11 (Mon), 2015. Obviously, it is going viral online.

The kids used busted or worn out motorcycle tires with a push stick.

Interestingly, the thing is also an outdoor kids' game in Japan.
push the wheel with stick race Japan
Photo: Angelina Earley

It is one of the traditional games in Malaysia, as shown in this photo (with bicycle rims instead of rubber wheels).
push the wheel with stick race Malaysia
Dating back, sometime in 1922 in Toronto, the featured game is called "Hoop rolling" or "Hoop Trundling".

Hoop rolling has been listed as an ancient tradition among widely dispersed aboriginal groups. It also dates back from China, Europe and Greece.

Are you ready to try this? Why not?

Sources: Angelina Earley, NKKHOO, Encyclop√¶dia / Video by Lalay Quilas, shared on Facebook via Ang Galing Mo Pinoy group

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