13-year-old girl ends life after dad uploads public shaming video

Izabel Laxamana died by suicide after jumping off an overpass last week, May 29 (Fri).

Izabel Laxamana commits suicide after public shaming video

Allegedly, Izabel's father punished her daughter for some undisclosed wrongdoing by cutting off her hair and uploading a video on Youtube as form of a public shaming.

Friends and family of Izabel are now left in a puzzle whether the said video was really the cause of her sudden demise.

Since the controversy became intense online, Izabel's father took the video down.

Luckily, one of the friends of the teen from Tacoma (Washington) did the initiative of taping the original video on his mobile phone.

The video shows, presumably Izabel with short hair with a man asking her if it was worth it. The girl can be heard by responding "no".

Watch it below:

Public shaming is a growing trend on social media. While it does not involve ordeals like those used in the old times, the end result is similar, says a CNN featured video.

In the digital world, public shaming can bring real-life humiliation, wherein some extends to people losing their jobs.

It is such an unfortunate fate, if found that the real cause of Izabel's death was the video uploaded online by her father.

Source: Jezebel, Youtube, Inquistr

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