ANIMAL CRUELTY: Dog with muzzle taped shut rescued

A good Samaritan found "Caitlyn" with muzzle taped shut, looking like she has been suffering for more than 36 hours or so.
Caitlyn Dog with muzzle taped shut
Dog found with mouth taped shut rescued (Justice 4 Caitlyn)
The electrical tape was wrapped around the dog's muzzle so tight that her tongue were caught between her teeth.

According to North Charleston, South Carolina Animal Cruelty Investigator Aldwin Roman, the fine of $50,000 ordered against the culprit does not do proper justice to Caitlyn considering the tortures she have had; Large part of her tongue may have to be removed should tissue dies from lack of blood flow.

Worst, the dog could end up severely disfigured, Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. Lucy Fuller said.
A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications.
As per latest updates, Caitlyn is now doing better. She's been put to a special chamber so that her wounds could heal faster.

Caitlyn Dog with muzzle taped shut

She is booked for a surgery on Monday next week.

The suspect, William Leonard Dodson, 41, is now under police custody.

William Leonard Dodson

According to records dating back in 2013, Dodson  has been a constant offender. He has been arrested several times for driving without license, illegal possession of a firearm, including possession of marijuana and cocaine.

Source: News 2

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