Chinese envoy present in Philippine's Independence Day rites

ABS-CBN News, Iloilo -- Among the attendees of the Philippine's 117th Independence Day rites was Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua.

Philippine Independence Day 2015

There was no explicit mention of the maritime dispute in the South China sea but President Aquino stressed on the nations' mutual efforts in addressing common challenges.

Aquino also made mention of following "international law" and unified definition of entitlements and obligations.

"Excellencies, as we are determined to join your nations in the struggle to overcome the obstacles you face, so too do we ask you to join us. In this way, we can truly forge a global community in which each nation-state realizes that their growth and stability hinge on their ability to work with others.", Aquino addressed the crowd.

"This is the clearest path towards a world where there is mutual respect, where we are all bound by international law and by a single definition of our entitlements and obligations; where we are all brothers, all of equal footing, working side-by-side. In your presence, we pledge: the Philippines is committed to the task of building that true community of nations", Aquino added.

For the second time around, President Aquino chose to celebrate Independence day outside the country's capital region.

Iloilo played a vital role in the Philippine's independence from Spain.

Did you know that the original observance of Philippine Independence Day was on July 4 (1946)?

It was the date when the representatives of the United States of America and of the Republic of the Philippines signed a "Treaty of General Relations". [Treaty of Manila (1946)]

Then President Macapagal changed the date to June 12 through Presidential Proclamation No. 28, under Republic Act No. 4166, declaring June 12, 1962 as a special public holiday throughout the Philippines.

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