Chinese woman tears apart ATM with bare hands after believing it swallowed her card

A Chinese woman made a scandalous scene in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province after wrongly believing that an ATM had swallowed her debit card; She went a Hulk and ripped the machine apart with her bare hands.

chinese woman rips apart atm with bare hands

Due to frustration, the unnamed woman pounded the machine for about 10 minutes in an attempt to retrieve her card. The bank clerks then went on to attend to her plight. Unfortunately, they did not find any card stuck inside the partially dilapidated automated cash dispenser.

chinese woman rips apart atm with bare hands 2

The distressed woman kept on insisting that the machine had taken her card.

Later on, some people said that the woman who just broke the machine claimed the same about two months earlier. She even put foreign objects through the card slot.

Police then ordered that the woman should be taken to a mental facility for psychiatric evaluation.

Source: Daily Mail

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