Customer finds fly inside chicken fillet from Mcdonald's Frontera Verde

What if you find a fly stuffed inside your precious chicken fillet? It sure is a yucky thing right?

Over the weekend, the family of Mrs. Catapang decided to drop by at Mcdonald's Frontera Verde in Pasig to buy a meal for lunch.

The family ordered a couple of chicken fillet with sandwich, 2 chicken fillet with rice and a happy meal. Since the establishment has no available parking space at the time, they decided to just eat inside their car.

To Mrs. Catapang's horrible surprise, she found a fly stuck inside her chicken fillet.

The family was able to speak with a manager named "Rachelle".

Albeit Rachelle was apologetic, Catapang said she cannot let the incident pass.
I told her that I cannot let this pass because that goes to show that they dont value the health of their customers. That they dont value the name of the company that they have been working for. What if I didnt check the food and my son ate it. Will they pay for the hospital bill if he gets ill?
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McDonalds Frontera Verde food scandal

As of writing this post, no update has been added yet on Catapang's Facebook post.

Food scandal like this is of prime importance. It should be taken as a constant reminder to stay vigilant of what we are eating, specially those that are prepared outside our own kitchens.

Update: The name of the Facebook user has been revealed in the article, as per consent she sent to us on Facebook. The link to Mrs. Catapang's original story can be found HERE.

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