Ekko LoL: League of Legends champions are 'Overloaded' according to players

Ekko Lol, League of Legends -- If you have been on Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) for quite sometime, you would probably have the inner reflex of reacting towards any new additions to a game's platform, so much so on the number and type of in-game characters that you can play on.

Ekko LoL

Gamers would say, when a new champion comes in, it usually carries some kind of an "overpowered" skills and or abilities set.

Well, the norm is that, "Heroes" coming into play are usually overdone, then after some time they get modified to a lower degree of effectiveness or desirability; Gaming enthusiasts term the process "nerfed".

LoL's Ekko was introduced last month. The character has the ability to bend time in order to correct his attack mistakes in a duel. His so called "techno-magical device" was considered as the new thing.

These are some of the players' reactions on Twitter as featured by Kotaku Australia:

Maurice @Amazing_EU
- Ekko's kit is so overloaded, he could have been 3 champions.
6:04 AM - 1 Jun 2015

Ben Gomez @Spellzyy
- The best thing about Ekko having an overloaded kit is that there are SO MANY things that they could hit to nerf him.
7:51 PM - 2 Jun 2015

ジョナ @JonahSMS
- Am I the only one who's thinking that Ekko's kit is stupidly overloaded? Especially his fucking W.
11:14 PM - 2 Jun 2015

Kelvin @Neo781
- I honestly think I'm done with League until Ekko is nerfed or they rework his overloaded kit. #LoL
1:43 AM - 5 Jun 2015

On the other hand, some players do praise Ekko for what he has brought into the highly competitive PvP (player-versus-player) game League of Legends.

Did you try playing Ekko on LoL already? How do you find his kit in the game?

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