Florida fisherman removes 34 babies from dead hammerhead shark (VIDEO)

People were greeted with horror when a Florida fisherman tried to remove at least 34 babies from the body of a dead 13-foot hammerhead.

hammerhead with 34 babies

The endangered shark weighing approximately 830lbs had bullet or spear holes in its body. Its fins had already been removed, witnesses said.

Apparently, the dead shark was pregnant when it was pulled out from the sea. It was caught by the nets of a charter boat named "Phoenix".

All 34 baby sharks also died.

The scene was shocking. While the fisherman was cutting the belly of the lifeless mother shark, son of an onlooker Jeff Bratcher said, "Dad, this is wrong".

According to International Union for Conservation of Nature's "Red List", hammerheads are listed as endangered species. Unfortunately, they are not protected by the US government, Daily Mail UK wrote.

While other states of America prohibit the possession or sale of shark fins, it is legal in Florida. Shark fins are popularly used for a soup delicacy.

The video below was taken by Bratcher himself. Be warned as you might find it disturbing.

"Dead hammerhead shark with 34 babies"

Source: Youtube, Daily Mail

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