Man attempts to use BIR and PhilHealth IDs to avail of handset upgrades charged to somebody else

Identity theft along with fraud is a serious matter; It can bring horrifying consequences to the victim.

identity theft case on Facebook

These days, where craving for high end gadgets is like a daily meal to a sizable number of people in our society, fraudulent people even resort to using someone else's identity for personal gains.

And in a society where systems and laws are quite relaxed on how to fend off and go after these types of malicious acts, the crime is sprouting like beans everywhere.

On June 1, a Facebook user posted about a personal incident wherein, someone tried to use his name on two different official identification cards, but with a different photo.

The man went to a Globe Business Center in SM Mall Of Asia (MoA) to avail of handset upgrades for four (4) of the victim's accounts. The suspect was supposed to get iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, charged to the victim's bill.

Globe got suspicious after the impersonator failed to answer correctly what was the victim's last upgrade.

The attempted modus did not end there.

Read over the story below:
Last saturday evening, May 30, 2015, around 9:20PM, I received a call from Globe Business Center, SM MOA. Somebody claiming to be me was trying to avail of handset upgrades for 4 of my accounts. He's supposed to get iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, and the handsets will be charged to my bill. He provided IDs with his picture. But some of the data are not correct, like my middle name, ID numbers and signature. But my first and last name and the date of birth are all correct.
The CS at Globe SM MOA got suspicious only after he failed to answer a question about my last handset upgrade. So the CS called my number and told me about the situation. We hangup after it was verified that the person in their store was indeed not me. Sadly, I failed to ask them to have that person apprehended.
I immediately called their hotline (211) to report the incident and put a note on each and every one of my account with Globe to call my personal number first whenever there's a transaction with any of my accounts.
Then the following day, May 31, 2015, at around 5:00PM, I got another call, this time from Globe Gateway Mall. Same modus as in SM MOA. An impostor is again claiming for a re-contracting of my account to get free handsets. The CS at Globe Gateway Mall handed the phone to the impostor, but the impostor kept on saying "Hello" pretending not to hear me. Then he handed back the phone to the CS and ran out of the store.
Based on the pictures of the ID presented and the description of the CS at Globe MOA, it was the same person who attempted to claim handsets at both Globe stores.
Let this be a warning to everyone.
identity theft case on Facebook

Beware of this person:

Impersonator using philhealth and bir id

Perhaps as one of the countermeasures, people should refrain from over-posting online, information and updates regarding their acquired gadgets and other stuff.

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