Isabelle Daza gets flak over Siquijor hashtag on Instagram (#siquiWhores)

Netizens criticized celebrity Isabelle Daza over seemingly malicious Instagram hashtag "#siquiWhores".

Isabelle Daza earned mixed reactions from the reading public over her Instagram status hashtag "#siquiWhores", coming along the caption for a photo she posted four days ago.

The image below, captioned "We're here to insta! Lol #siquiWhores #dumagetiton" shows Daza and her cousin Martine Cajucom.
Screenshot: From Instagram account of Isabelle Daza

People were quick to slam the actress, as her post could be taken negatively by the Siquijornons.

Others came to defend the TV personality. Some said, Daza did not intend to "..malign the people of Siquijor".

Since the "#siquiWhores" social media ruckus escalated like wild fire, it caught the attention of Siquijor's Vice Governor Dingdong Avanzado. Hence, on Tuesday (June 16), he posted this on his Instagram account:
Screenshot: From Instagram account of V-Gov. Avanzado
It has come to my attention that the Instagram account @isabelledaza, which appears to be owned by actress Isabelle Diaz Daza, has posted a travel photo with the hashtag #siquiWhores. Before jumping into conclusions, I would like to hear directly from Ms. Daza whether the offensive term #siquiWhores is a description of herself and her companion or a judgment to my beloved people of Siquijor. As the vice-governor of the province, I am worried on how such a foul and offensive word would damage the reputation of the Siquijodnons in the long-run. I believe every citizen of Siquijor deserves a clarification from Ms. Daza on the matter.#siquijor
Daza explained what was the real score over her controversial post. She said, the tag was just a "joke" and a "term of endearment" between her and her cousins.

Later on, Vice-Gov. Avanzado made a follow up post on Instagram an hour ago saying, Daza already apologized to the people of Siquijor, for whatever ways she offended anyone with the term.

Avanzado urged the netizens and the people of his province to accept Daza's apology, move on and focus on rather important concerns facing the nation.
Screenshot: From Instagram account of V-Gov. Avanzado
Sources: IG of Vice-Governor Avanzado, IG of Isabelle Daza, Inquirer

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