VIDEO: MMDA traffic enforcer ignored cyclist hit by diplomat car

Apparently, a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer chose to ignore an accident that happened in broad daylight - between a cyclist and certain black Toyota land cruiser.

mmda enforcer ignored accident in gilmore avenue

The accident occurred at the intersection between Gilmore Avenue and N. Domingo Street in Quezon City.

According to Nestor Ordonio Velasquez Junior, the car that hit the cyclist was bearing a diplomatic plate #237231.

The traffic enforcer pretended as if he saw nothing. He just stayed there without even assisting the cyclist struggling to walk to the side of the road.

The traffic constable decided to walk away when Nestor started to confront him while taking a video.

Watch their dialogue:


Posted by Nestor Ordonio Velasquez Junior on Friday, June 26, 2015

Commenters on the Facebook post of Nestor pointed out that diplomats are immune to the laws of the host country. The same must have been the reason why the traffic officer did not bother to apprehend the offending vehicle, the commenters added.

Don't you think that the traffic guy should have helped the hurting cyclist at the least?

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