Netizen exposes modus of 'scam company' with 'fake jobs', asking applicants to sell appliances

A certain company identified as "MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated" was exposed by a netizen because of its alleged modus operandi - posting bogus job hiring online.
MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated scam
MMI MCKR Personnel
The play goes like this:

1. MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated will try to lure applicants to its attractive "fake job" offers, highlighting its so called "1-day process", "high salary" grades, with lots of "benefits and incentives".

2. It will mention that some of their major clients are the likes of SM and Robinsons.

3. Once a job hunter gets hooked to the good looking job offer, let's say, an email was sent to inquire, MMI MCKR will send a text message almost right away for an "interview" appointment.

4. While in the company's office premises, applicants will be barred from using mobile phones. 

5. The interview process takes place, which will be handled by the H.R STAFF, SUPERVISOR and MANAGER.

6. A certain exam will be given as well, so that the job offer will look realistic.

7. As an exam passer, the applicant will be handed with some sort of a referral to a clinic or lab for a medical examination. The fee will be P800.

8. MMI MCKR will be demanding for the original copies of the required documents that an applicant will be submitting. No photocopies will be accepted.

9. After the above processes, the applicant will be given a task to fulfill before he/she will be allowed to proceed to the "orientation" phase.

10. It will labelled as an "On The Job Training" or OJT. The applicant will be asked to sell household appliances, like rice cooker, television, oven and the like. The items will be coming out overpriced.

The rest of the ordeals are even more surprising. Basically, the job seeker will be asked to refrain from using the Internet and also believing what blogs and Facebook would publish regarding the company.

The real deal is that, there are really no jobs available as advertised.

If the personnel will see that you got some kind of a potential to become a part of the group, you will be offered to join them instead and thereby, assume the role of interviewing new applicants. (Source)

Here are some of the related experiences we have culled on Facebook:

MMI MCKR Marketing scam victims
MMI MCKR Marketing scam victims

MMI MCKR's "HR Supervisor" is also acting as a "Security Guard".

MMI MCKR Marketing scam staffers

Location of MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated 
Address: 3rd floor, Room 302 RBMT
Lot 11 5th Avenue C3 road
Caloocan City

Landmark: 5th avenue, LRT station at the back Generics Pharmacy

A rather detailed information about the modus operandi of MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated maybe found on this link:

Did you happen to apply at MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated? What were your stories?

Note that we intentionally hid the complete photo identity of the involved individuals who are identified as part of the above company in question for their personal privacy. We are just sharing the stories we found online. The MMI MCKR Marketing Incorporated has the full legal rights to express and defend itself from the allegations mentioned above.

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