VIDEO: HIV-Positive man asks passersby to touch him. What happened next brought him to tears

Janne, a Finnish man who is HIV-positive went out to test people's impression towards HIV/AIDS by standing in a park with eyes closed and arms spread wide open.

hiv positive social experiment in Finland

He wrote on the cardboard the following lines:
Olen HIV-Positiivinen, Kosketa Minua (trans "I am HIV positive, touch me")
Anxious of what could be the result of his experiment, Janne was moved to tears after a bunch of people tried to show him the overwhelming acceptance.

At first, passersby started to pat his shoulder and shake his hand. Eventually, people started to hug him.

Watch the touching video below:

Janne collaborated with a Finnish Broadcasting Company to carry out this small social but real-life experiment in the streets of Helsinki.

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